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Founded in 2022

The Idea

At SMOOSHY we combine two healthiest forms of juicing: 


Cold-Pressed Juice & Smoothie


But we don't just stop there. We also add an Ayurvedic principle when creating our recipes!

Cold-Pressed Juicing - is cold for a reason and follows a much slower juicing process. Because of heat and oxidation, enzymes and vitamins in a regular store-bought juice break down much faster. Clinically, cold-pressed juices have more nutrients per milliliter, and are filled with more antioxidants, live enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

Smoothies - allow us to benefit from produce which is best when consumed as a whole, or can't be juiced easily such as bananas. Smoothies also contain all of the “perks” of raw fruits and vegetables + fiber to process any excess sugars from the cold-pressed juice.

Ayurvedic Principle - Ayurveda is a 3000 year old natural system of medicine which translates as "the knowledge of life."

SMOOSHY juice incorporates an Ayurvedic philosophy of combining only those ingredients which compliment each other and create bright rainbow "chakra" colors, which in return guide our subconscious in selecting the juice our body craves and needs.

SMOOSHY juicing is nature's form of apothecary!

Picking Strawberries
Picking Strawberries


Promote Health & Wellbeing

Food As Medicine

Excite With Unusual, Fun & Highly Nutritious Ingredients

Support Local Farmers

Give Back To The Community


When you cook for a friend or yourself, you don't cut corners with ingredients; you put your soul into the cooking and you pack it up with the best ingredients you have. And once your friend tastes it, their smile is what makes that meal ever so special.

Regular store juice is highly pasteurized. Even store bought cold-pressed juices undergo high-pressurization (required by the FDA) so they can be shelf-stable for up to 60 days. Pasteurized juice always gets treated with heat, which kills most, if not all, live enzymes, phyto-chemicals and micro-nutrients which fight inflammation and free radicals. Not to mention, the longer such juice has been sitting on a shelf, the less benefits are left in it.

This kind of juice doesn't make us smile at all.

With every sip of SMOOSHY, we want you to feel that it was juiced by a friend and that it wasn't mass-produced. We want you to taste that it is packed with high quality ingredients, that it's not sugar water, and that it's good for your health. We make SMOOSHY to taste as if it was specially pressed for you. 

That's why SMOOSHY is directly to consumer ONLY;

NEVER pasteurized, and has to be consumed

within 6 days, and 24 hours after opening. 

Now, that's FRESH!

Smoothie Ingredients
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